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About Yi QiaPinkyn (Pinky)

She’s the perfectionist who ask for nothing more than perfection.  She scrutinises every small detail to make sure she gets the things done perfectly the way she wanted it to be 🙂

Because of her keen interests in the beauty industry, she works as a Sales and Marketing Executive in a company that sells cosmetics.  Her company also recently venture into the grooming industry by setting up an academy that provides training for beauty, image and fitness!

She is into SHOPPING, shopping and shopping.  In her free time, she loves doing her own manicure and pedicure!  She occasionally takes Eric’s camera and double up as a photographer too.



About Tian Xiang (Eric)

He’s a completely obsessive IT geek.  Ask him anything related to IT, gadgets and he will get roped in the conversation.

He is a cheerful guy who likes to take things easily whenever possible because he believes in #YOLO, why let the negatives bring you down?

In his free time, he enjoys photography, playing his guitar (its all just noise I must say!), computer mobile games, online shopping and running!

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